TPLO Procedure Explained

This ten minute video is meant to be informational. The relatively “slow” film is of my dog’s veterinary surgeon explaining tibial plateau leveling osteotomy. With this video I am trying to get information out to dog owners who are faced with a pet with a “torn ACL” and the resulting lameness or limp. As I say in the video – I do not endorse the procedure. Nor am I endorsing this particular vet.

I did have the procedure done on my dog and so far so good. In the months and years to come I will have a better view of how successful the procedure has been and if it was worth the money. All pet surgeries seem expensive these days.

Again, the video is informational. If you Google “TPLO” you will find a great number of sites with information and opinions about this procedure. As in all medical situations (people and pets) information is the key to making informed and appropriate decisions.

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