Animal Welfare Organisation says Rabies on the Rise in Bali

Rabies cases are increasing in Bali, and it’s widely reported that local communities and the provincial government are once again resorting to culling stray dogs in a misguided effort to control rabies, the World Animal Protection says.

The Balinese government is undermining the previously successful vaccination programme it has invested in. Killing dogs is both cruel and pointless: dog numbers quickly recover, which in the end will neither eliminate rabies nor tackle the issue of stray dogs.

World Animal Protection strongly urges the Balinese government to stop culling roaming dogs immediately and to implement humane and effective dog population management measures instead.

Joanna Tuckwell from World Animal Protection says:

“Killing dogs to reduce stray dog populations or eliminate rabies is completely ineffective and unacceptable. Based on our experience, we know that the methods used will be cruel and extremely distressing for dogs.

“We worked with the Balinese government in 2010, vaccinating 210,000 dogs which resulted in a 35% decrease in human rabies deaths and a 76% decrease in rabies in dogs. These results speak volumes: vaccination programmes work.

“We call on the Balinese government to immediately end this brutality and deliver effective vaccination and dog population management programmes – we must work together to save dogs and protect the people of Bali from rabies.”

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