A Quarter of Dogs Still Not Microchipped Ahead of Law Changes, Warns BVA

With under a year to go until the microchipping of dogs becomes compulsory across the UK, the majority of vets estimate that at least 25% of dogs are still not microchipped.

Figures released by the British Veterinary Association’s (BVA) Spring 2015 Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey show that there is still work to be done to get the microchipping message out to owners and encourage them to act before the law changes in Spring 2016.

When small animal and mixed practice vets were asked “What percentage of the dogs you see would you estimate are microchipped?” nearly 90% (87%) of respondents answered between 1 – 75%, meaning the vast majority of vets have a quarter of patients without microchips.

Watch in this video TV Vet Emma Milne talks all things microchipping in light of impending legislation when the news first broke.

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